Prologue: The Devotees
an official adventure written by Caleb Stokes

The Devotees is an adventure for Eclipse Phase written by Caleb Stokes:
Some names have been modified to be used as a prologue to the campaign O.D.I.O.

4 Firewall Sentinels are contacted by Proxy Pyrrhos for a dangerous and delicate mission to Legba. An infiltrated Sentinel, named Amaru Timoti, contacted Pyrrhos to inform him that something strange is going on in Legba, the headquarters of Nine Lives. The dangerous criminal organization ihas of a new and mysterious technology, and Papa Nazon, the Supreme Leader, is calling all of the members to Legba. Pyrrhos calls the Sentinels on Extropia and provides them a false identity as Ultimate mercenaries. He delivers as well the Desmos, a damaged shuttle that PG can use to reach Legba. Once there, they have two days to find out what is happening and deal with the situation. At the end of that time, some real Ultimate mercenaries will resque them. The Sentinels in charge of this mission are:
Ivar Chu: A nanotechnology expert from the Titanian Commonwealth. He is in Extropia now, resleeved in a Splicer rental morph. He joined in the Firewall thank to his technological know-how and his determination fighting against the TITANs.
Kyoko Kusanagi: an AGI programmed on Mitre, to help relations between transhumans, AGI and the Clanking Masses. During her concert on the Moon, an exsurgent infection broke up. She survived and moved to Extropia, where she met the Firewall while she was trying make career there as a singer and dancer. She is an expert in dealing with humans (even in a violent way) and she is a good hacker.
Lamya: Barsoomian from the Sufi clan that discovered the Mars Pandora Gate. She fought against the Pathfinder when the Hypercorp decided to take over the Gate using weapons. That day, something mysterious happened. The Portal opened and the Clan’s Immam faded inside it. From that day on, Lamya hears his voice calling her and she developed asynchronous psi powers. She now works for Firewall and her activities for the Barsoomian movement forced her to leave the red planet.
Rutger: Rutger survived the Fall, struggling for 3 years and fighting in the Australian outback, until the day a group of scavengers found and saved him by chance. He has lived for a while in the Reclaimer habitats in Earth’s orbit, then he joined Firewall to have a little action and some TITANs to kill.

Before leaving Extropia, the Sentinels have discovered that Papa Nazon has called several psicosurgeons from Extropia to go to work in Legba, paying them well. Between the psycosurgeons, there is a the alpha fork of Rokuzawa Chi, a controversial psycosurgeon from Titan. A few days before, on Extropia, there was a firefight between the IDCrew and the Nine Lives. A few hours later, the IDCrew put a bounty on Omri Melach, one of their members.
The Sentinels leave to Legba. Once near the habitat, they deceive the Nine Lives claiming to have damaged engines due to a micro meteorite hit. The gain access to the station but must obey to Nine Lives laws. As soon as they leav the spaceship, they are attacked by some criminals, who flee as soon as Rutger and Kyoko threaten them. In the main hangar of Legba, besides the Desmos, there is attached also the Bullock, a spaceship from Extropia, recorded on Omri Melach. The former member of the ID Crew is in Legba and he is escorted by 4 well-armed mercenaries.
The Sentinels are directed towards the place where to find Amaru Timoti but meanwhile they receive a message from one of the psycosurgeons of Pedro Nazon, Kyoshi Katsurou. Kyoshi wants to talk with them in private for an important issue. The Sentinels give precedence to the mission and go to Amaru, who is working in the resleeving facility of Legba. Amaru says to the PC that the chiefs of the 3 main groups of Nine Lives, called Nanchon, are all on the station and brought thousands of men with them. At the moment in Legba there are about 6000 Ghede Nanchon Ghede, Nazon’s personal army commanded by Su Wu. There are also 7000 Rada Nanchon headed by Thya Bathari, and 2000 Petro Nanchon led by Bertrand Theo.
For several weeks, Nazon has a new technology called Bokor, used to enslave egos. The second in charge, a neotenic morph Ellegua, usually delivers some Cortical Stacks to resleeve. The egos inside the Stacks are heavily modified and slaved. Amaru passes secretly one of the Stack to the Sentries, with inside one of the ego modified by Bokor.
The altered egos appeared shortly after the arrival of Thya Bathari on Legba, about 3 weeks ago. Thya is also responsible for the presence of Omri and came in person to welcome Bertrand Theo, as soon as he resleeved on Legba.
That woman is hiding something …
The Sentinels leave Amaru to his work and pay a visit to the Hougan Katsurou. They discover that the man is the alpha fork of Rokuzawa Alpha Chi. The woman came to Legba to secretely learn new techniques from Nine Lives, but found herself enmeshed in something big. She wants to leave and the Ultimate mercenaries (the Sentinels) are an excellent way to escape. The woman said that Nazon practices Ascension, the merge of several alpha egos. Although this technique is not perfec and brings insanity, Nazon is perfectly lucid and sane. Nazon has some new technology that he calls Bokor, a tool that manages to slave egos. Rokuzawa believes that Bokor is a software or an AGI, able to make a quick and extremely effective brainwashing. She does not trust other Hougans and want to escape by Legba. The PC promise to take her away with them, and convince her to provide the credentials to use an ego bridge. The Sentinels go to Guinee, the area with the ego servers. Here they acess an ego bridge and activate the Cortical Stack Amaru Timoti gave them. The ego contained within obeys blindly to whom claims to belong to the “Company”. He / she asks of Leslie, also from “the Company”, and has no idea abpout its identity, what it did before or where it cames from.
This kind of question put it in severe stress and mental crisis. The interrogation does not provide data on Bokor and the Sentinels decide to continue with the investigation somewhere else.
While the PC are going to the Fetish Market, they are contacted by Omri Melach. The traitor IDCrew needs new guards to change shift with the mercenaryes he has with him, since his stay in Legba is going to be longer that expected. The man saw how the Ultimate handled the assault from some hotheads of the Nine Lives and wants them to work for him. The Sentinels accepte the job and while Kyoko and Ivar take a first shift as guards, Rutger and Lamya go to see some fighting in the area in Samedi, the area controlled by the nanchon most loyal to Nazon. The fights are between slaves who have undergone Bokor treatment. These slaves look at their masters with total devotion. The masters are Su Wu (leader of Ghede Nanchon) and Papa Nazon. Nazon is in company of Ellegua, who follows him everywhere. When the fight starts, the slaves attack regardless of the pain and not afraid to die. Between the fights, there is an unusual shift for maintenance. While all presents are at work, the PC see Nazon going in a small accommodation, while Ellegua goes away with Su Wu. The Sentinels follow Ellegua and manage to sneak one Speck bot over Nione Lives guards. Ellegua meets Su Wu privately and informs him of Nazon decision to kill Bathari and Theo. Nazon likes Bathary plan of using Bokor on Venus, but he wants the idea to come from Nazon himself. In addition, Nazon fears that Thya wants to make a revolution and take control of Legba.
During the Debate that is going to happen tomorrow, Su Wu must let speak Bathary and Nazon, and then attack at the signal. He should not worry about outnumbered members, Nazon will bring all the necessary reinforcements. The fights in the arena starts again and the Sentinels leave the area. They go to the Fetish Market to buy the raw materials necessary to create explosives. There, they discover that the prices of Cortical Stakes from Cognite are soaring. Asking around, they discover that Petro and Rada Nanchon buy any ego that comes from the Hypercorp. At the Fetish Market, the PCs found the Cortical Stack of a woman with the same name and Skill of Ivar’s mother, who dissapeared after she evacuated from Earth. The Sentinels buy the stack and deliver it to Amaru Timoti, asking him to ego cast it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, on the spaceship of Omri, Kyoko seduces one of mercenaries with its forthright naivety and gets access to the Maker in the ship. Ivar is able to program the maker to produce some explosives. The PG, connecting to the Mesh of Legba, discover that the station’s reactor has a big energy loss but they do not have access nor the rights necessary for obtaining more details about the leak. When the Sentinels gather to Omri’s spaceship, the criminal chooses 2 of them to accompany him at the meeting with Bathari, with all the other mercenaries. The traitor delivers the egos of someone called Nath and gets a big reward from Bathari. The woman tells Omri to return to the ship and wait for the permission to leave, permission that will arrive as soon as the woman will have verified that the ego is ok and the agreement was respected. The PC sked a favor to Firewall and ask to find someone called Nath on Extropia, most likely belonging to the Cognite.
They received an answer saying that there is a Nibedita Nath, an executive of Cognite who sent an ego forl to Extropia and she is still there.
Nine Lives have just come into possession of a prominent figure of the company. Interesting.
During the meeting between Omri and Thya, the PC retrieves the explosive from Bullock and leave Omri. It’s time to take action. The area of the reactor is too well guarded to sneak in, so the Sentinels decide to go outside the station and get in the accommodation of Ellegua and Nazon. Amaru announces that the two have just ordered to prepare a lot of morph, which will be ready about an hour before the debate between the various Nanchon. Nazon and Ellegua took with them a large amount of Cortical Stacks and leave incthe direction of the main reactor.
Taking advantage of their absence, the PC open the hatch in Nazon quarters, using a C.O.T., and take controll of the local Mesh, discovering some very important informations.
Nazon is really crazy and his morph is controlled by Puppet Sock from Ellegua. Whose real ego’s name if Kyron. This Kyron is a complete mistery.
The real name of Bokor is A.W.E., an AGI from Cognite, pruned from a Seed AI and whose aim is to practice psychosurgery to tame the native Seed IA. Speaking with AWE, Kyron says he has some things in common with the AGI: both have limits, they are unable to carry out the major projects they were born for. The Sentinels set the explosives near the main entrance and connect to the main reactor through Nazon console. They modify the reactor settings from there and bring the big reactor to collapse, disabling the alarms. Than the PC flee through the outer door, just in time to avoid being involved in the explosion caused by the return of Ellegua and Nazon.
With the death of the Chief of Nine Lives, and the reactor out of control, panic erupts. Legba is a total chaos, with rival gangs clashing in every corridor. Omri releases its spaceship but it remains locked inside Legba, since the station’s main doors are closed.
Ivar set a defense line at Desmos, while the others retrieve Rokuzawa, bringing her to the spaceship to escape. The Sentinels are unable to carry away Amaru too. In his last message, he says that he will survive and will bring away the Stack of Ivar’s mother as soon as ha can.
The PC gather again inside their spaceship, are able to access the manual opening of the main doors of the docking area. They flee from Legba. Omri also goes away and does lose his trail.

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